Reolink TrackMix Solar LTE + microSD 128GB *** 617.400,00 Akz

4G Simplifies Network Connectivity
The camera supports both 4G and 3G mobile networks, making it ideal for locations where it's difficult to run network cables. Of course, you can also connect it to the network using an Ethernet cable. Extensive options to meet any requirement.

Auto Tracking & Auto Zoom
The dual-lens camera captures wide-angle and close-up views of the same event simultaneously and presents them on the same screen! The camera can pan up to 355° and tilt up to 90° to automatically track the moving object. While tracking, it automatically zooms in on the object to keep a precise focus.

Reolink View Service
Comes with Free 36GB/Year

To enjoy the live view and playback functions of this camera on 3G/4G LTE network, Reolink View Service is required. The camera comes with free 36GB data per year (with a monthly allotment of 3GB) for this Service, allowing you to live view or play back your camera's video for about 10-45 minutes* per day.
If you need more than 3GB/month, you can buy data add-ons according to your needs.

 Smart Detection & Two-Way Audio                

By analyzing the shape, the camera can distinguish between people, vehicles, and animals from other objects, providing you with precise alerts in real-time. With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can communicate with the person near the camera. Timely alerts coupled with timely responses provide double security. 

 Multiple Night Vision Modes                                

There are three night vision modes available: black and white night vision (spotlights off), color night vision (spotlights on according to schedule), and smart night vision, which means that the spotlights will be automatically activated only when motion is detected at night. Choose according to your needs.                                 

In 2K Clarity                                

With a maximum resolution of 2K 4MP, the camera captures clear and detailed images and videos. It can also pan 355 degrees and tilt 90 degrees to cover a larger surveillance area.                                                                         

Time Lapse - Playing with Time
With time-lapse, you can capture slow-moving events such as sunsets, flower blooming, construction processes, and more, and display them in seconds or minutes-long videos. Create fun time-lapse videos and share them with your friends!

Survives Rain, Snow, and Wind
This weatherproof smart IP camera works perfectly both inside and outside your home, even in harsh weather conditions.