Camera Wifi ou 4G Solar

Reolink 4G Dual-Lens PTZ Solar *** 2.381.400,00 Akz

4G Dual-Lens PTZ Battery Security Camera with 24/7 Recording * High-Efficiency 66W Solar Panel 24/7 Recording Auto-Tracking & Zoom 4G LTE Connectivity 256Gb SDCard included

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Reolink TrackMix  Wifi Solar *** 564.480,00 Akz

Wifi Solar Panel II 6Watts + microSD card slot (128GB)* Smart WiFi Battery Camera with Auto-Zoom Tracking Wide-Angle & Telephoto Lens Dual View & Dual Tracking 2K 4MP Super HD 5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi

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Reolink TrackMix Solar LTE + microSD 128GB *** 617.400,00 Akz

Reolink TrackMix Solar LTE * Smart 2K Solar 4G LTE Dual-Lens PTZ Camera + 128GB SDcard 4G LTE Network Connectivity Solar Panel II Auto Tracking & Auto Zoom Smart Detection

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