Reolink 4G Dual-Lens PTZ Solar *** 2.381.400,00 Akz

24/7 Recording
Enjoy uninterrupted surveillance with this camera that remains vigilant day and night. Benefit from continuous recording, allowing you to review motion events spanning various dates and times.

Large Battery & Solar Panel
With its 155Wh battery and 66W fast-charging solar panel, this camera offers up to 48 hours of continuous recording on a full charge, achieved in just about 4 hours.

Auto Zoom & Auto Tracking
The dual-lens camera can pan/tilt to automatically track the moving object. It also captures both the full view and the close-up simultaneously, presenting them on the same screen

4G LTE Meets Solar Power
It's wire-free! With 4G connectivity and a solar panel, the camera is specially designed for places where WiFi/ethernet and power connection are not reachable

Reolink View Service
Comes with Free 60GB/Year

Reolink View Service is necessary for you to enjoy the “live view" and "playback" functions of this camera. The camera comes with free 60GB data per year (with a monthly allotment of 5GB) for this Service, allowing you to live view or play back your camera's video for about 16-75 minutes* per day.
If you need more than 5GB/month, you can buy data add-ons according to your needs

Smart Detection & Two-Way Audio
By analyzing shapes, the camera can discern people, vehicles and animals from other objects. With the built-in mic and speaker, it also allows you to two-way communicate with people on the camera's end.

Two Night Vision Modes
Full color night vision with the spotlight on, or infrared black and white night vision when in extremely low light conditions.

In 2K Clarity
With up to 2K 4MP resolution, the camera captures clear images and videos with great details. It can also pan 355° and tilt 90° to cover a larger monitoring area.

Large Storage
You can save your recordings locally to a microSD card (up to 256GB). If you are worried about losing the storage devices, you can choose to store events in Reolink Cloud.

Remote Access & Control
With a few clicks on Reolink App or Client, you can stay tuned with your home or business all the time.
Real-Time Alerts Once it detects something suspicious, the camera will send your device an instant push notification and an email with a detection snapshot. Know what’s happening all the time.