Reolink Duo 2 WiFi 4K Ultra-Wide Angle *** 458.640,00 Azk

Two Cameras in One
Upgraded from Duo WiFi, Duo 2 WiFi can stitch two views into one with no gap, realizing true two-camera combination and 180° panorama*. Without overlapping part, it brings a smoother image with double field of view and leaves no blind spot.
Dual Lens
180° Panorama

Mind-Blowing Details in 4K UHD
No detail is too small when it comes to this camera with 4K resolution. Every minute aspect is finely captured to deliver exceptional image clarity.

Advanced Detection + Two-Way Audio
Reolink Duo 2 WiFi has become more intelligent. It can not only detect moving people and vehicles, but also detect your cats and dogs. Also, with the built-in mic and speaker, it's quite easy to respond to the coming person, car, or pet.
Person/Vehicle Detection
Two-Way Audio
Pet Detection

Different Modes, Different Night World
Spotlights and infrared LEDs bring you a bright image at night. You can easily switch between different night vision modes to watch clear and smooth videos in color or in black and white.
6 Infrared LEDs 8 Spotlights

Dual-Band WiFi
Endure no more long waits and enjoy the smoother live view with the higher data rate and better anti-interference capability brought by the 5GHz WiFi. Feel free to stay with the 2.4GHz band or switch to the 5GHz band for the best network performance in multiple scenarios. Flexible to choose, easy to set up

Flexible Storage Options
This smart IP camera supports 24/7 continuous recording, motion-triggered recording, and schedule recording. Videos can be saved to microSD card, Reolink NVR or FTP server. Choose a way you like and enjoy customized security.
Supports up to 256GB microSD card (not included)